Lewinner Wireless Bluetooth SmartMic

lewinner smart your vlog

Hear that? It’s crisp, clear, and perfect audio coming from your interview subjects or actors. How did you get it, you ask? Well, instead of just using the audio from your camera, or trying to wrestle with a boom mic, a boom pole, and a boom operator, you simply set up a lavalier microphone.



  • David Windsprinter

    I’ve had a few different wireless mics, and this is the best one I’ve come across and well worth the money. It comes ready to use right out of the box, is simple and intuitive to use, doesn’t require you to use or download any special “app” (it records directly to my native iPhone “Photos” app), and gives you crisp, clear sound that I believe is equivalent to the sound I get from my wired Lavalier mic. The transmitter is nice and small (which is good for my videos, because I want as little attention as possible drawn to the transmitter), and I can’t imagine wanting much more from a wireless mic. Great bang for the buck!

  • SCParker

    Surprisingly good sound. I made a video to test the audio which I've attached to this review.
    Rechargeable via USB cable.
    Comes with a handy case.
    The app that the mics works with has a picture-in-picture recording function. It's actually a good recording app.
    The app will export the recorded video file to the phone and to many of the other video apps I have loaded.

  • LiamPhotoATL

    I got this to use for podcasting when I am on the road traveling. The audio quality is really great and has active noise cancelling. The system charges with a USB-C cable and in addition to the foam cover for the mic they also include a miniature dead cat to cut down on wind noise when recording outdoors.

    Overall one heck of a great, small and compact wireless microphone system, that is plug and play just like they advertise it. The receiver that goes into the Lightning port is powered by your device so, no need to charge it.